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Comprehensive Email Data Management

Welcome to Americas Great Resorts’ Integrated Data Strategy, where precision meets performance in luxury hospitality email marketing. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored campaigns that go beyond the generic, reaching the right audience with unparalleled accuracy. Explore our targeting criteria and discover how our past performance speaks volumes about the success we bring to our clients.

Since its founding in 1993, Americas Great Resorts has been effectively aggregating and curating marketing prospect information, with a focus on attracting high-income/net-worth travelers and frequent visitors to premium hotels and resorts. This valuable collection of data comes from various high-end travel-related platforms and sites, ensuring a comprehensive and varied database.

At the heart of our methodology is a deep commitment to the accuracy and relevance of our data. Prior to initiating any email marketing campaigns, we engage in a thorough cleaning and validation process spearheaded by Email Answers. This critical step involves refining the dataset to remove any incorrect, obsolete or undeliverable email addresses, thereby improving the precision and effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Our diligent data management practices ensure that our communications reach truly interested individuals, enhancing engagement with affluent travelers and fans of luxury accommodations. By utilizing such meticulously maintained and current data, Americas Great Resorts significantly enhances the efficacy of our marketing strategies, ensuring your messages deeply connect with our target audience. The success of these well-planned email campaigns is evident in the noticeable growth in bookings, sales, and profits – and we guarantee it. This promise reflects our confidence in our data-centric approach to dramatically improving business performance, bookings, revenue and providing unmatched value to our partners.

Understanding our Conversion Study process

We track the effectiveness of your email campaign and calculate ROI by analyzing key performance indicators such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and cost per acquisition, as outlined in this article, A Comprehensive Guide to Measuring Campaign Results with Americas Great Resorts

Below is an example of our real-time campaign tracking link:

Email Marketing Campaign Tracking

Unmatched Precision

Targeting Criteria

HHI (Household Income):

100% of our customer base boasts a HHI of $100k+, with the ability to pinpoint customers with a HHI of $1 million.

Age, Gender:

Tailor your campaigns to specific age groups and genders.

Families w/ Kids, Couples, No Kids:

Reach your desired demographic with ease.

Own Home, Net Worth:

Pinpoint customers based on property ownership and financial status.


Selects include:city, state, zip code

Golf, Spa, Skiing, Gambling:

Connect with customers based on their leisure preferences.

Outdoor Adventure & Sports, Investing, Cruising:

Target those with specific lifestyle interests.

Dining, Wine:

Reach connoisseurs with a taste for the finer things.

‘C’ Level Executives:

Engage with top-tier decision-makers.

Frequent Travelers Email Datafile

Travel and Vacations Masterfile
Business Travel
Discount Travel
Family Travel
International Travel
LGBT Travel
Outdoor Adventure
Lodging / Resorts
Restaurants / Fine Dining
Special Needs / Handicapped
Travel Tips and Info
Frequent Luxury Travelers
Proven Results

Campaign Effectiveness

Hammock Beach

Deployed 3 email campaigns.
ROI: Generated over 243 new customer bookings.

Hotel Bennett Charleston

Deployed 6 email campaigns.
ROI: Generated over 293 new customer bookings.

Hotel Villagio Spa
Hotel Villagio (Sonoma/NAPA)

Deployed 52k emails.
ROI: Generated 142 new customer bookings. An impressive 80-1 ROI.

Montage Palmetto Bluff

Deployed 35k emails.
ROI: Generated 52 new customer bookings.

Ventana Big Sur

Deployed 44k emails.
ROI: Created 58 new customer bookings with ADR over $1,000 per night.

Windstar Ships
Windstar Cruises

Deployed 100,000 emails.
ROI: Generated 175 new customer bookings.

Our Integrated Data Strategy ensures that your marketing efforts are not only targeted but also yield exceptional returns. Trust us to elevate your campaigns and drive bookings with precision and expertise. Partner with Americas Great Resorts for a new era of marketing success.