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Creative Email Marketing Agency

Your email ad or advertisement, more commonly referred to as an email creative is the first consumer touch point to your brand in email marketing. This alone makes it one of the most important aspects of your email marketing campaign. Therefore, it is imperative that the look, feel and message conveyed by your email advertisement or newsletter creative reflects your uniqueness in a visual manner.

If you don’t have your own unique email creative or custom newsletter template, Americas Great Resorts has the expertise to design and create it for you. Our experienced design team will work with you throughout the entire process to build an email creative that encompasses your unique message, your branding and your offerings or message. Once your email creative is finished, Americas Great Resorts will deploy your new email to our list of travel enthusiasts.

Exceptional ingenuity and creativity that obliterates the status quo in custom email creative designs.

The entire process of designing an email ad/creative is simple and straight forward.

1. Content Submission

Share your content, including any images, along with your preferences for the email creative.

2. Design Consultation

In the initial design phase, we offer expert guidance and advice to help craft an impactful email. Receive valuable tips for enhancing its effectiveness and recommendations on pitfalls to avoid.

3. Initial Mock-up

Review the first draft of the email creative.

4. Design Feedback

Provide feedback on the initial mock-up and communicate any desired changes or adjustments.

5. Revision Process

A revised version of the email creative, incorporating your feedback, will be presented for review.

6. Finalize Email Ad

Upon approval, the mock-up will be transformed into an HTML email creative, and you will receive a JPG image for versatile use.

7. Provide Email Code

For those engaged in an email campaign with us, we will set up and test your new email creative for approval before deployment. If not participating in a campaign, we'll furnish a file containing all HTML code and images for your independent use.

It’s that Simple!

The cost to design, build and code an email creative is $500.00.

Turnaround time is usually 1-3 business days, dependent on changes and complexity.

Hotel Email Marketing - Proven Results

Americas Great Resorts boasts a proven track record of driving unprecedented success in the luxury hospitality market. Through our strategic and targeted email marketing campaigns, we have consistently delivered outstanding results, generating new bookings, amplifying sales volume, and acquiring a multitude of new customers. Our meticulous approach, backed by over 30 years of industry experience, ensures that our campaigns yield remarkable return on investment (ROI). The phenomenal results speak for themselves, as our tailored email marketing initiatives continue to be a driving force in elevating the success and prominence of luxury hospitality businesses in the market. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your brand and witness the transformative impact of our ROI-driven approach.