Case Study: Enhancing Windstar Cruises’ Booking and Revenue with Americas Great Resorts

Case Study:

Client Overview:

Windstar Cruises, a renowned boutique luxury cruise line, specializes in small ship cruising to unique destinations worldwide. With a commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and personalized service, Windstar Cruises has garnered a loyal customer base seeking unforgettable voyages.


Despite Windstar Cruises’ reputation for excellence, they faced a challenge in reaching new customers and increasing bookings. In an increasingly competitive travel market, they sought innovative strategies to expand their customer base and boost revenue.


Windstar Cruises partnered with Americas Great Resorts, a leading provider of luxury travel email marketing, to leverage their expertise in marketing, consumer acquisition and customer engagement. Americas Great Resorts devised a comprehensive strategy to capture the attention of travel enthusiasts and drive bookings for Windstar Cruises.


Americas Great Resorts initiated an email campaign targeting 100,000 travel enthusiasts from their extensive database. The campaign was meticulously crafted to highlight the unique offerings and unparalleled experiences provided by Windstar Cruises. Key features emphasized included the intimate small ship experience, exclusive itineraries to exotic destinations, and the exceptional level of service onboard.

The email campaign employed captivating visuals, compelling storytelling, and enticing offers to pique the interest of recipients and inspire them to book a Windstar Cruise. Clear calls-to-action directed recipients to the Windstar Cruises website, where they could explore available itineraries and make reservations.


The collaboration between Americas Great Resorts and Windstar Cruises yielded impressive results, surpassing expectations and demonstrating the effectiveness of a well targeted email marketing strategy. The email campaign generated significant engagement and led to 175 new customer bookings for Windstar Cruises.

Moreover, the campaign’s impact extended beyond immediate bookings, as it contributed to enhanced brand visibility and awareness among the target audience. By showcasing the unique value proposition of Windstar Cruises through compelling storytelling and strategic messaging, Americas Great Resorts successfully captured the imagination of travelers and motivated them to embark on unforgettable voyages.


The partnership between Americas Great Resorts and Windstar Cruises exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving business growth and achieving marketing objectives. Through innovative strategies and a deep understanding of the target audience, Americas Great Resorts helped Windstar Cruises overcome challenges, increase bookings, and elevate revenue.

Moving forward, this successful collaboration sets a precedent for future initiatives, showcasing the potential for continued innovation and expansion within the luxury travel industry. By leveraging the strengths of both partners and remaining committed to delivering exceptional experiences, Windstar Cruises is poised for sustained success and continued growth in the competitive travel market.

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