Case Study: Generating New Bookings and Increased Revenue for Hotel Bennett Charleston

Case Study:

Client Profile:

Company: Hotel Bennett Charleston
Industry: Hospitality
Location: Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Establishment: Luxury hotel offering premier accommodation, dining, and event spaces.


Hotel Bennett Charleston, a luxurious establishment nestled in the heart of Charleston’s historic district, sought to enhance its booking rates and revenue streams. Despite its exquisite amenities and prime location, the hotel faced challenges in reaching potential guests and converting leads into bookings.

Client’s Challenges:

  1. Revenue Growth: While Hotel Bennett Charleston offered top-tier services and amenities, maximizing revenue remained a concern due to seasonal variations and competitive pressures in the market.
  2. Customer Acquisition: Acquiring new customers and expanding the hotel’s clientele proved to be a daunting task, particularly amidst the dynamic landscape of the hospitality industry.


Americas Great Resorts, a luxury hotel email marketing provider, collaborated with Hotel Bennett Charleston to devise a comprehensive strategy aimed at boosting bookings and revenue. Leveraging their expertise in digital marketing and customer engagement, Americas Great Resorts proposed a series of targeted email campaigns tailored to the preferences and behaviors of potential guests.


  1. Market Analysis: Americas Great Resorts conducted a thorough analysis of the target market segments and identified key demographics likely to engage with Hotel Bennett Charleston’s offerings.
  2. Campaign Design: Six distinct email campaigns were meticulously crafted, each highlighting different aspects of the hotel’s amenities, such as luxurious accommodations, fine dining experiences, spa treatments, and event venues.
  3. Personalization: The email campaigns were personalized to resonate with the interests and preferences of individual recipients, incorporating elements such as personalized greetings, tailored offers, and dynamic content.
  4. Multichannel Integration: To maximize reach and engagement, the email campaigns were integrated with other marketing channels, including social media, online advertising, and the hotel’s website.
  5. Performance Tracking: Comprehensive metrics were employed to track the performance of each email campaign, including open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated.


  1. Increased Bookings: The strategic email campaigns spearheaded by Americas Great Resorts yielded remarkable results, generating over 243 new customer bookings for Hotel Bennett Charleston.
  2. Revenue Growth: The influx of new bookings translated into a substantial increase in revenue for the hotel, surpassing the established targets and projections.
  3. Enhanced Customer Engagement: The personalized approach adopted in the email campaigns fostered deeper engagement with prospective guests, leading to heightened interest and conversions.
  4. Brand Visibility: Hotel Bennett Charleston witnessed heightened visibility and brand awareness within its target market segments, establishing itself as a premier destination for luxury hospitality experiences.
Hotel Bennett Campaign Tracking


Through a synergistic partnership with Americas Great Resorts, Hotel Bennett Charleston successfully overcame its challenges and achieved significant milestones in booking rates and revenue growth. The strategic deployment of targeted email campaigns not only facilitated customer acquisition but also strengthened the hotel’s brand presence and market positioning. Moving forward, Hotel Bennett Charleston remains poised to build upon its success and continue delivering exceptional experiences to discerning travelers worldwide.