A Comprehensive Guide to Measuring Campaign Results with Americas Great Resorts


In the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, effective marketing strategies play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining customers. Email campaigns have proven to be a valuable tool for hotel properties, and Americas Great Resorts understands the importance of not only deploying successful campaigns but also measuring their impact. This article delves into the process employed by Americas Great Resorts to measure the results of a deployed email campaign for a hotel property, emphasizing a collaborative approach with clients and the use of an attribution model.

Collaborative Approach:

Americas Great Resorts takes a collaborative stance with its clients in measuring the success of an email campaign. Four to six weeks after deployment, the company initiates a partnership with the client to assess the effectiveness of the campaign in generating new customer revenue. This collaborative effort ensures that both parties are actively involved in understanding the outcomes and refining future strategies.

Conversion Study Process – Steps:

  1. Customer Data Submission:
    • Clients are required to provide a data file containing email addresses in encrypted MD5 format for customers who made bookings during the specified period post-campaign deployment.
    • MD5 encryption ensures the security and privacy of customer data, aligning with Americas Great Resorts’ commitment to data protection.
  2. Secure Data Transfer:
    • Clear instructions are provided to clients for securely transferring the encrypted datafile to Americas Great Resorts’ data management team.
    • This step emphasizes the importance of maintaining data integrity and security throughout the process.
  3. Data Comparison by IT Team:
    • Americas Great Resorts’ proficient IT team takes charge of importing the MD5 encrypted email addresses into the system.
    • A meticulous comparison is conducted between the submitted email addresses and the list of MD5 encrypted emails used in the initial email campaign deployment.
  4. Confirmation of Connection:
    • Upon completion of the data comparison, any matched MD5 encrypted emails provide confirmation of a direct connection between the emails deployed in the campaign and specific customer bookings.
    • This step is crucial in attributing the success of bookings to the email campaign, establishing a clear link between marketing efforts and tangible results.
  5. Results Analysis and Reporting:
    • The comprehensive results, highlighting the confirmed connections, are provided to clients for final analysis.
    • Americas Great Resorts values transparency in reporting, allowing clients to gain insights into the campaign’s performance and make informed decisions for future marketing endeavors.


Americas Great Resorts’ approach to measuring the results of an email campaign reflects a commitment to transparency, collaboration, and data security. By implementing a thorough conversion study process, the company ensures that clients have access to actionable insights, enabling them to refine strategies and optimize future marketing efforts. In an ever-evolving industry, this approach positions Americas Great Resorts as a partner dedicated to delivering measurable and impactful results for hotel properties.